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Back Home From Denmark!

We're Back! What A Week!

I am glad to let you know that my team and I have returned home safely from our mission trip in Aarhus and Copenhagen, Denmark. I want to thank each of your for your ongoing encouragement and support in prayer during the past week! I was truly blessed to hear from many of you throughout my time in Aarhus. I look forward to sending you a detailed update in the next two weeks, but for now join me in praising the Lord for his faithfulness to answer each of our prayer requests:

  1. We had conversations with hundreds of Danish students and shared the gospel with many of them

  2. The Lord led us to meet twenty Christian students (this is truly miraculous!) some of whom joined in on our campus evangelism and have expressed interest in being apart of a student ministry moving forward

  3. Our Canadian students were equipped and impassioned to make Jesus known back at home, and several expressed desire to return to Denmark long-term

Glory be to the God who hears and delights to answer the prayers of his children!

Please Continue To Pray

Though we are back in Canada, the need for the gospel to impact hearts and lives in Denmark remains. Please join me in praying for the Danish students we encountered this week, that the Lord would cause his word to bear fruit for salvation in their lives.

In addition, I welcome prayer for my team mates and I as we transition back to a very busy part of the semester. Pray that the Lord would sustain us amidst many deadlines and that we would continue to make Jesus known on our campuses in Canada.

That's all for now family! Look out for a detailed update on my time in Denmark in next few weeks!

Yours in fulfilling the Great Commission in our generation,


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