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Introducing IMAGO

Over the past year I have had the immense blessing of serving with Power to Change in Copenhagen, where my team and I have been helping pioneer an indigenously led and self-sustaining movement of evangelism and discipleship on university campuses in this city. This year has been an incredible journey which the Lord has used to teach me so much about cross-cultural ministry as well as the unique challenges and opportunities we face as we seek to engage this generation in meaningful conversations about Jesus and the gospel.

God has also used my experiences in Copenhagen to affirm that one of my deepest passions is helping people understand how the gospel transforms every aspect of our lives and how they can share this good news with others. With this in mind, I am excited to let you know that God has opened to me a new opportunity that will combine my passions for theology, teaching, and evangelism. As my time in Denmark comes to a close, I am stepping into a new role with Power to Change by co-leading a national project entitled IMAGO.

The mission of IMAGO is to help a generation of young people understand, live, and communicate the gospel in a biblical, embodied, and culturally relevant way by addressing the question “What does it mean to be human?”

To learn more about this project, including how you can be involved click here.

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